Savings Rates

Effective as of 12/01/2021

Account TypeRateAPY
Share and Club Accounts0.05%0.05%
Association Accounts0.05%0.05%
Checking Accounts0.00%0.00%

Term Share Accounts

6 month.20%.20%
12 month.25%.25%
18 month.30%.30%
24 month.35%.35%
36 month0.40%0.40%
48 month0.45%0.45%

Money Market Accounts

Account TypeRateAPY
Gold (minimum $25,00).20%.20%
Platinum (minimum $50,000).30%.30%

~APY = Annual Percentage Yield
~The minimum balance for a term share certificate is $2500.00
~The early withdrawal penalty for a 6 or 12 month Term share certificate is 90 days interest.
~The early withdrawal penalty for a greater than 1 year term share certificate is 180 days interest.
~Any fee imposed on an account will reduce the effective dividend rate.
~Money market rates are determined and paid on a monthly basis.